Ulrike Kessler


Like most children, I loved to play and invent stories, creating pictures and narratives that were unique and singular to me. Later in life, as a therapist, teacher, and educator, I have maintained a playful way of doing things, interacting with the world with a creative and experimental perspective. In my early forties, I intensified my focus on painting and drawing. I felt the need to learn more technique and theory and, while working full time, I attended evening classes and workshops. Since my retirement, I also study with international artists regularly. In the meantime, I have my own studio, where I work full-time as an artist.

In my work, I love to experiment with and combine different media while playing. Often, I work in series or produce artist books. I take inspiration from life situations, objects, photos or printed material to playfully construct images that sometimes remain close to the original but often stray quite far. When travelling I take my “suitcase studio” with me to artistically evolve the many impressions. The results of my experiments are often surprising – not only for the viewer but also for me as the artist. I hope you see my spirit of play at work and take inspiration from it.

Education (art-related)
Kunstakademie Allgäu, Germany, Grossformatige Malerei (Large Scale Painting), with Dagmar Wassong, Trier, Germany
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Venice, Italy, Painting Masterclass, with Wolf Werdigier, Vienna, Austria
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Venice, Italy, Painting Masterclass, with Virginie Bailly, Brussels, Belgium
Landscapes Summer Course, with Johannes Buchholz, Berlin and Essen, Germany
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Venice, Italy, Painting Masterclass, with Wolf Werdigier, Vienna, Austria
Painting, Composition, Color: class of Margret McCann, Art Students League, New York
Expressive Watercolor: class of Elizabeth Allison, Art Students League, New York
2017 to date
Drawing Experiments: class of Esther Hiepler, Basel, School of Applied Arts / Schule fuer Gestaltung, SfG; Experimental Pictorial Processes: class of Simone Berger, SfG; Elementary Colour: class of Liliane Steiner, Basel, SfG, Clay Portrait Studies, Wood Sculpture with Ellen Baumbusch, Sulzburg, Germany; Stone Sculpture with Sebastian Probst, Cologne, Germany
Relief printing, toner transfer, experimental printing: class of Krassimira Drenska Wirz, Basel, SfG
Since 1998
Regular evening classes, mostly at SfG: drawing, oil painting, photography, etching, engraving, serigraphy
Hong Kong, China: Traces (Drawings, Paintings, Prints, together with Helen Boyd)
Sulzburg, Germany: Drawings, Paintings, Prints (Sulzburg-Laufener Ateliertage)
Basel, Switzerland: Drawings (Schule fuer Gestaltung)
Brugg, Switzerland: Forum Künstlerbuch Basel (Galerie Zimmermannhaus)
Curriculum vitae (Selection)
Since 2018
Chair of SiLS Association (www.swissintlawschool.org)
Swiss International Law School (SiLS) Co-Founder, Educational director, CEO (2017-2018)
Master studies at the University of Central Lancashire, graduation (MSc) with a qualitative study on the quality of the education at a small Swiss educational institution in 2011
psychotherapist and homoeopathic practitioner, teacher, and supervisor in Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland
Numerous travels (India, Egypt, United States, Patagonia, Japan, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Thailand, New Zealand, Cameroon, Fidji, Tonga, Bali, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Australia, Guatemala, Mexico, and others)
born in Rockenhausen, Germany. Married.